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October 29, 2018

深紅寶石色。它的櫻桃,胡椒,綠色草本植物,泥土,蘑菇,煙草,草藥的鼻子低調複雜。在口感上,它具有均衡的酸度,圓潤的單寧,以及St. Emilion標準的長效飾面。中等酒體。

Deep ruby colour. It has an understated complexity with a nose of cherry, pepper, green herbs, earthy, mushrooms, tobacco, herbs.   On the palate, it has balanced acidity, rounded dus...

September 14, 2018

Deep ruby with a tight rim. The nose reflects the palate, giving perfumes, violets, the sweet fruit of this fuller-bodied wine has started to unfurl. With moderate tannins wrapped in oak and spice, fresh and ripe black cherry, black currant, and liquorice flavours supp...

September 6, 2018


1999 is an elegant, approachable vintage and all wines are fully mature now, giving a delicate bouquet of soft, berry fruits and tobacco leaf, the lush texture on the palate, ripe and round. Ch. Léoville-Poyferré is one of the best wines of the vintage, hence our dec...

September 4, 2018

Deep ruby with a medium rim. First clean nose vivid red fruit turns to dark cherries, blackberries and black currants, mulberries, followed by minty, liquorice and leathery tones. The quite chiselled palate is reflecting the same; it shows reasonably fine tannins in th...

August 20, 2018

Bright deep ruby; a sharp rim. Balanced fresh and ripe mixed red and black with spice and earthy tones on the nose. Reflecting the wholly aromatic nose, the palate is full, round and racy with rounded, smooth tannins with a herbaceous, meaty, chocolaty finish and sweet...

August 12, 2018

Deep ruby; some purple hues. Blackberries and mulberries with hints of orange rind, chalky, dark chocolate and espresso. Big, beautifully elegant; youthful tannin and will age with grace. 2012 is an excellent vintage. Only 500 cases produced. 

The fruit was hand-picked...

August 9, 2018


Garnet core; with a medium rim. Large round but grippy tannins. Dry palate is on the sour side with sour cherry, radish, beetroot, high minerality pebble stones. Medium bodied. Over the hills. Rare, old nose and taste though, with lots of acidity and rancio. 

August 7, 2018

半甜雷司令,帶有檸檬,柑橘,桃子和蜂蜜的味道。匹配豬肉或辛辣泰國菜! 美妙!

August 7, 2018



August 7, 2018

與異國情調的辛辣美食相結合。西番蓮果龍蝦沙拉,蝦,生薑炒或軟皮家禽, Excellent!! 

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This is a consolidation of the tasting and papers

written from 2006 to 2013. These write-ups had been with the orginal site Wine and Beyond, Yahoo, until the service stopped by Yahoo in September 2013.


For years I have been working with wines, either buying it, selling it to wine companies, lecturing and writing about it, and, not unimportantly, enjoying it with friends. If any of the articles on this site are worth reading it is due to my teachers, my mentors, my peers and friends, my students, and in particularly my editors who ignite in me a desire to communicate in wines.


Clinging to the trellis of wine, I started to get more and more involved with estates and winemakers, by supporting them with consultancy in communication and marketing. The more I spend my time outside Hong Kong, the more I sense a desire to be part of the international wine family.


Writing about wine represents a moment of reflection, curiosity, atitudes and a desire to analyse often hidden structures and history, in an effort to make the wealth of wine accessible to a targetted, and hopefully larger audience.


I am not sure if I can wine proivde more accessible to all through this blog. But I am sure to write in wine means being involved in wine and  to remain as impartial and objective as possible.


Kevin Tang.

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