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Awarded RP93, the Amaronic 2005 starts with deep, dark aromas of chocolate, liquorice, cola and plum, then offers flavours of dates, chocolate, vanilla and other tertiary tones. It has a more prominent nose than  2006 ad 2007, which, the other hand, displays intense se...

Deep rubied it is with a light pink rim. Many years to go, but for its Margaux personality, Château Durfort-Vivens 2015 of Second Growth Margaux still satisfying to taste. Closed at first; ripe blackcurrant/strawberry fruit filled with scents of the forest, damp earth...

October 31, 2018

深紅寶石,緊身邊緣。新鮮的黑醋栗,鉛筆,礦物質,薄荷和甘草。在口感上,它富含黑醋栗和黑櫻桃,以黑巧克力和甘草為背景,豐富的味道使肉體朝向後方。當然,它並不像2009年和2010年那麼集中,但口感提供了結構,一些重量和深度的水果。     消費者比較Chateau Batailley和CHateau Haut Batailley。 Batailley往往更健康,更溫暖和Pauilac; Haut Batailley擁有更好的結構和聖朱利安式的個性。雖然兩者都是適當的紅葡萄酒,但品酒隊通常喜歡巴塔利。     混合了85%的赤霞珠(有史...

October 30, 2018

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Riesling Magdalena 2014 is to show the luscious fruit where its Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Riesling HJW 2015 is on Mosel stylistics of balance concerning Riesling juiciness, freshness and minerality.

The Magdalena vineyard is younger(1999 pla...

October 29, 2018


這款幹白葡萄酒位於Dambach-la-Ville(Bas-Rhin)的Frankstein Grand Cru風土的花崗岩土壤上,非常芳香。它具有復雜的松節油氣味,完全成熟的水果味,背後有充足的酸度來平衡。開發出優雅,複雜的新鮮果園水果,精緻的新鮮菠蘿,橙花,柑橘和蜂蜜,由精細的礦物質板岩骨架支撐。清爽的酸度,平衡的殘留糖和微妙的豐富度。它具有很多“水晶”的感覺,帶來令人愉悅的純淨,悠長的味道。

On the granite soils of the Frankstein Grand Cru terroir in Dambach-...

October 29, 2018



Green with yellow tints. Taste blank. Not fruity or fresh enough. But it is not light. There are still some figs, grapefruit, acacia and chalky minerality. Per...

October 28, 2018

Cloudburst owner Will Berliner guided HKWS and friends through his Chardonnays(flight vintages 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016) and also the Cabernet Sauvignons( 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016) in lunch event hosted last Friday at Giando on Star Street, Wanchai.

All Chardonn...

October 23, 2018

深紅寶石色,中等深度;有光澤和明亮。成熟的黑和紅櫻桃香,微妙的雪松,甜煙草,香料,香草,肉桂,黑巧克力,秋葉。紅色和紫色的干花沐浴在濃濃的意大利黑醋汁中。還有一絲樸實的草藥, 芬芳撲鼻。中等酒體;在口中它有一個奶油色的香脂注入摩卡黑櫻桃的礦物層,它具有新鮮和平衡的酸度。單寧成熟,精緻,變得美味; 優雅,將來味道會更好。味道很長。建議全傾析; 耐心會得到回報。

這款酒是Muga的頂級葡萄酒。 2010年是優秀的年份之一。自1997年以來,我們一直喜歡這款葡萄酒,這是我們在金鐘Petrus餐廳與HKWS進行垂直品嚐的第一口葡萄酒。


October 23, 2018

Deep ruby. Shiny and bright. Medium depth. On the nose,  ripe black and red fruit notes(cherries, for example), subtle cedar, sweet tobacco, spices, vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate, autumn leaves, ripping into a Christmas pudding cake with rock mineral through red &...

October 22, 2018

中等深度的紅寶石,中等邊緣。顏色稍淺。它仍保持新鮮的紅寶石。 14%ABV。它聞到黑莓。具有利口酒般的力量和深度,香草,可樂,煙草和石墨。高水果品質增加飲用的容易程度。多汁的黑莓和覆盆子口味。煙熏的礦物質突出甘草,略帶融化的單寧。容易喝。

帕克寫道,'Amery Shiraz 採用34年生葡萄藤釀製而成,濃郁的紅寶石/紫色調的2004年Shiraz Amery提供堅實,樸實,黑色的水果,辛辣的橡木,烤肉和香草般的香氣。這款價格實惠,價格實惠的設拉子應該發展十年。“得分是90+

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This is a consolidation of the tasting and papers

written from 2006 to 2013. These write-ups had been with the orginal site Wine and Beyond, Yahoo, until the service stopped by Yahoo in September 2013.


For years I have been working with wines, either buying it, selling it to wine companies, lecturing and writing about it, and, not unimportantly, enjoying it with friends. If any of the articles on this site are worth reading it is due to my teachers, my mentors, my peers and friends, my students, and in particularly my editors who ignite in me a desire to communicate in wines.


Clinging to the trellis of wine, I started to get more and more involved with estates and winemakers, by supporting them with consultancy in communication and marketing. The more I spend my time outside Hong Kong, the more I sense a desire to be part of the international wine family.


Writing about wine represents a moment of reflection, curiosity, atitudes and a desire to analyse often hidden structures and history, in an effort to make the wealth of wine accessible to a targetted, and hopefully larger audience.


I am not sure if I can wine proivde more accessible to all through this blog. But I am sure to write in wine means being involved in wine and  to remain as impartial and objective as possible.


Kevin Tang.

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