My dream as a Classical Guitarist

June 19, 2006

It all started when I was studying in the university with professor MS Lam, and later on with in private with Performer/Guitarist Mr. Alex Chu, and was eventually playing for Hong Kong in the Yamaha Guitar Festival. This dream, nonetheless, was quite shattered during my 3-month crusader life  in Europe upon my graduation.  Why? Do this little imagination: I worked very hard on it only to find out that, despite my toils on the instrument, the ragged street performers in Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo,  all played with such fire and fiery, which could well  excceeded some of the best in me...........

That was in London, the last stop of the crusade,  where I very much affirmed not to pursue the studies on the instrument further, but would consider taking up the guitar a good past-time: the Royal School guitar majors playing in the tube were as good as, if not even better than, the ragged players in Southern Europe!

I thought, and I still believe, that music and musicians really need the environment to thrive. I hoped I was loud enough to say this place at my time was not too conducive for intending musicians. But will that be applicable to professional tasters of wines at all? Will we ever become the top tasters of the world?

My dream as a professional classical guitars  re-ignited though when I was employed as classical guitarist, playing partime evening, at a restaurant known as 'Beethoven' at Vieux Montreal, Quebec, during my brief stay for 3 years. I really am interested to pick it up again!

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On Self-learning Strategies

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July 2, 2013

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