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La Parcelle 045 vintage 2012

Parcel 045 from Cadillac coasts of Bordeaux 2012. Dark velvety pulp, tight purple rim. Cool licorice and black fruits combines, thereafter ... Cassis , prune, blackberry, blueberry... and pinch of spice. Some less discerning tasters may say I-love-it-because-it-looks-so dark-and taste-so-ripe. Umm, not bad if you thought so. No injustice is done; that is correct as well.The purity of pruney fruit comes from the 60% Merlot which forms a strong mid palate. The angularity of the 20% Cabernet has been filed and tamed by warm southerly sun. The spice is from the big pinch of Malbec which feeds the colour intensity as well. Good practice and small cement take fermentation then conditions the style. even if you fridge the wine, the wine still taste velvety and fruit is purer than ever. Structure is a bit loose but light chilling will equip to get the best of both worlds(ripeness and structure). Dark cool outfit suits chic restaurants. Looks Parisian, around Opera.

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