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JJ Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling 2007

Founded in 1911 by Johann Josef Prüm, the estate is set over 35 acres in Mosel. 100% planted to Riesling, harvest is generally late and often goes through to the end of November. 2007 was a great vintage in Mosel with a very herbaceous nose showing apple, lemon and honey on the palate. Even being rich and sweet this is an extremely well balanced example of Auslese.

Corney and Barrow wrote well about thiw wine. 'Very pale yellow gold in colour, this is inviting from the outset with an outstanding, delectable nose which combines orchard fruits of such sweetness that it is reminiscent of Tarte Tatin with hints of tangerine zest and complementary nuts and cream all punctuated by fine crushed minerals. Once again with Sonnenuhr, one can almost sense the sunshine in the glass so opulent is the wine and yet so disciplined, self-controlled, stylish and elegant. The minerality and fresh acidity which underscore the nose and palate are so beautifully integrated that the combination is orchestral, developing to a crescendo of aromatics which is almost painful in its heightened precision. This is a staggeringly lovely wine which is surprisingly approachable in this its infancy but will develop and enrich further given some bottle age.'

You've got to try a 'Sonnenuhr' to know what is ripeness; you've got to try the classic of classics from Mosel. With some bottle age, this wine really drinks well now. WA96.

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