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Château Langlais 2000

We have been tasting this wine Château Langlais 2000 for over 3 years. Through out these 3 years, we find it both simple and complex enough.Fully matured: garnet color, good intensity. Dry berry and cherry fruit, Kirch and spice. Well balanced with melted tannins. Ageing using 2 wine barrels for 12 months; so it is woody!!(A soft reminder). The soil mostly clay and limestone is planted three varieties of Bordeaux: Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Old vines, so it may be too intense and deep for some tasters. It’s good to read Organic from the label. Safer than some cheap and reckless wines.

THis chateau occupies 20 hectares, is located on the appellation of Saint Emilion, the town of Puisseguin and produces only red wines. The soil is mainly clay and limestone planted three varieties of Bordeaux: Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Majority Limestone, this constitution may be as all people know particularly favorable to quality wines, full-bodied, tannic and warm, long aging, and so surely so with this warm vintage 2000. The chemical treatment refusal in 1947 when the maker Alain DUPUY started its activity and developed an operation based on respect for nature. The floors are virgins herbicide and insecticide. Phytosanitary treatments used to fight against mildew are copper-based solutions as hydroxide or sulphate. We say these because that marked a no-return for the organic(certified later on) approach of this little vineyard. Average age of vines 35 to 40 years old. Uses indigeous yeast. 12 to 14 months ageing before release. Normally the wine is good for 15 years and opens well from 5 years onwards. Exposure: South West Trays.

Planting density is 5500 vines / hectare. Tillage: Grassing every other row. Fertilizers used are cow manure and cattle, Guano, shredding branches and folières fertilizer. No headach.

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