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Ronan 2012

Team finds Ronan 2012 is a modern wine. It is minty clean, fruity ripe, open, deep cherried and black curranty. It’s an anytime drinking stuff with a small slice of luxury from the stardust of Clinet (next to La Fleur, Petrus) and its 100% Merlot content (recalling lots of Le Pin).

It’s kind of wine with lots of common sense- smart thinking(never crooked) and smart drinking(never pretentious), and gives a real bang for the buck. Yes, it is a simple wine (charming so, for 2012); it is a crowd pleasing on the table stuff with everything wine constituents in place and appropiate enough.

If you like traditions, this wines has lots of to offer too. Grapes are sources from the best Satellite appelations around Pomerol. Method is according to Bordeaux traditions. Riper wine from AC Bordeaux Superier.

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