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Chateau Clerc Milon 2013

Yes Bordeaux 2013 is bad enough. The market doesn’t want or need 2013 Bordeaux. But isn't that good for real tasters looking for good, raw deals! And that this 2013 Clerc Milon in our view is the vintage which gives you the big bang for the bug.

Green harvesting, sorting tables and reverse osmosis, not to mention the rigorous selection of their best barrels, Châteaux Clerc Milon, having the money, the manpower and the technology, produces something decent in 2013, as if bad vintages don’t really exist any more for Clerc Milon. So one of the local MW Jeannie Cho Lee consistently awards the lesser vintages from 2011 to 2014 from Clerc Milon some reasonably high scores. And vintage 2013 Clerc Milon to her is ranked at par with the fruitier 2012, albeit selling at a much lower price.

Compared to 2011(chewy, not fine enough, needs time; Jeannie Cho Lee et al) and 2012(intense, good price points; Jeannie Cho Lee et al), 2013 seems to have attracted much positive comments(textured, vibrant, fresh, uplifted, supple tannins, Jeannie Cho Lee et al) and in our view expresses quite dark Pauillac fruit and a St Julien personality(Blackcurrany, velvety, rounded yet structured)very worthy to savour with friends over a casual dinner.

Indeed Clerc Milon in 2013 reduces the production amount by more than 25% of wine for this first wine and cut the price to below that of other “lesser” recent vintages, such as 2012, 2011, 2007, 2006, 2004 and 2003!

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