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2008 Château d’Aiguilhe

Vintage 2008 one of the best year for Merlot. And this 2008 Château d’Aiguilhe is in our view better than its 2009. If you are looking for a wine that is with fruit density, fruit purity and great energies, this is the one. Ripe, modern and smart. At this dirt cheap price, which wine can come close in terms of quality? We believe this wine is understated with only RP90.

While the wine is rich in terms of nose of fruitcake, black currants and kirsch, sweet tannin, a round, generous texture, the 2008 Château d’Aiguilhe is balanced by impressive purity of fruit acidity as well as length. This wine is in its prime.

The appellation of Côtes de Castillon is essentially an extension of St-Émilion. The vineyards of the hills (Côtes), are on the same limestone plateau as those of St Émilion and overlook the Right Bank of the Dordogne River. Oz Clarke describes it as a star region, with excellent wines at affordable prices. Château d’Aiguilhe, an estate of nearly 110 hectares, (50 hectares of vines), belongs to the Counts of von Neipperberg.

Château d'Aiguilhe is an estate well worth visiting. The vast inner courtyard is flanked on one side by a plateau, and on the other by a small valley. This overlooks "l'aiguille", a French word meaning "needle", or rocky rise on which the château was built. The château was destroyed by fire in the early 20th century and then rebuilt. Imposing buildings from various periods and in different architectural styles surround the courtyard, and a new semi-underground cellar fits in discretely with the environment.

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