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Les Aromes de Pavie 2013, Grand Cru

Arome des Pavie 2013 , the second wine of Chateau Pavie being the new 1st Grand cru class A of Saint-Emilion promoted in 2012, is a powerful wine with a beautiful freshness! Full decant this wine for slightly less than 2 hours and avoid tasting this second wine side by side with its first wine Chateau Pavie, the Aromes des Pavies 2013 is indeed a good one, though it does suffered from a short palate as most second wines do. The wine is ripe( Merlot based, limestone, limestone/gravel soil, warmer southeast corner, southern, cold pre-maceration, and long standard maceration), rose-like, and rich.

The First Wine is a new Premier A since 2012. Aromes des Pavie 's first wine is still controversial to some HKWs members. However, Pavie's prestigious neighbours, including not but limited to Ausone, La Gaffeliere, Troplong Mondot ,Le Tertre Roteboeuf producing excellent wines, are already very convincing.. The Second Wine, in this case Aromes Des PAvie 2013, which costs only 1/3 of it first wine, gives excellent value.

Score is high. Jeanny Cho-Lee 93; Wine Insider 93, WS93.

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