Cloudy Bay 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

This 2017 vintage offers classic Cloudy Bay nose(lime, grapefruit, orange flowers) and palate(citrus, saltiness, stone fruit). Unlike Cloudy Bay’s 2016 vintage, which saw a warm, and one of the driest seasons in Marlborough that afforded more fruit-forwardness, this 2017 is brighter, and greener with more crisp acidity in its backbone. On warming up, some citrus and stone fruit would peek through the crisp dryness and sharp minerality mid-palate and in the finish.

Vintage 2017 offers a wetter season because of Cyclone Debbie. Cloudy Bay is forced to discard fruits not harvested before the heavy rains arrived. So production for 2017 vintage is lower. 2017 is the 33rd vintage. It offers some good Surprises. It is, as earlier vintages, a very 'safe' wine to choose. No important score is yet recorded.

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