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2017, Wine Futures, Château-Sigalas-Rabaud

Straw gold with a green hue. Floral, lime blossom notes and aromas of white fruit, stone fruit(pears, small apricots and citrus(lemon); herbal and flinty. Expressing strong mid-palate, it is almost refreshing and cracky on palate with no dearth of intensity and ripeness, despite oak fermentation (French oak), oak ageing (18 months, 1/3 in new oak). Almost feminine; tastes unique.

We admire this wine’s historic tradition (From Sigalas, Rabaud, Ginestet to Cordier); the elegant makers; unique style; the potential; limited supply(only 2500 cases and being the smallest cru in Sauternes).Controversial tastings and comments from international tasters. JS 90, contrasts with WE94/WA95. Yet WE ranks this first wine less than the second wine Rabaud Promis 2017 at WE95. Price of this first wime is just 10% or so higher. Excellent stylistics. Buy this.

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