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2017,Wine Futures, Cap St. George

Ruby. Ripe, fruity, dark berries, fresh mint, anise and spices, blueberries+raspberry nose. Oaked in the form of leather, tobacco and chocolate. On the palate, freshly tangy, structured(clay soil for growing dense merlot), textural and easy to drink. Crafted wine to keep for 3 or 4 years.

Why may you consider this wine?

  1. First, classic Montage (ripe, modern).

  2. Second, this rare 19 Ha winery is by famous winery owner JP Janouiex. Third, the rarity as there are only 20 owners in this small satellite appellation.

  3. Finally, quite an enjoyable wine in creating some interests.

Note that the 'George' in 'Cap St George' has no 's' - this is in recognition of the English form of the name and the wealthy time when the estate was under the British Crown.... so says the owner. Title of its Second wine Cap d’Or reflects the beautiful environment of the Chateau, as mentioned by the owner in a recent U Tube about the wine.

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