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Château Lagrange Les Arums de Lagrange Bordeaux 2012

Straw gold with green tints. Slightly mineral and herbaceous yet woody and fruity. It is still drinking fine with added complexities, under the influence of the fatness of Semillon and oiliness from Pinot Gris. The composition is 20% Semillon, 20% Pinot Gris and 60% Sauvignon Blanc. Medium finish. Historically, many of the Medoc castles produced white wine mainly for the personal consumption of the owners or to serve at on-site parties. This situation applies for this little white wine too from Château Lagrange the early sixties. Then, the poor economic conditions of the time led to the abandonment of the production of this wine.

From the vintage 1997, it is decided to reconnect with tradition and put on the place of Bordeaux dry white wine.

Though white wine is no surprise in Bordeaux (stylistically close to Graves and Pessac-Léognan or Entre-Deux-Mers) it is a real rarity in the Médoc in general and in St. Julien, in particular. Indeed, the regulations for those Left Bank appellations don’t even recognise white wines, so Les Arums de Lagrange is labelled only as Bordeaux, not St. Julien. DD91.

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