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Chateau Léoville Poyferré 1998-2010 Revisited

All vintages perform well enough. There is no significant quality deterioration for the older vintages(1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002) this re-tasting after all these years.  The younger vintages improve significantly(2009, 2010, 2006). 

So, 1998 is mature and a dash aged. Opening fine with cassis and prunes, it gives scents of tobacco, green pepper and wood spice. The wine remains poised, less astringent with wood spice and  lifted acidity. The total score is 170, with three 1st, two Seconds and seven Lasts. Group's Sixth; my Ninth. 

1999 is by now even rounder and slightly softer, it gives ripe blackcurrant, tones of mutton from oak, and tastes slightly grassy. It is astringent, with bitterness, wood spices and has grown a bit in weight. Overall, this bottles keeps up with the quality, pointing to good propensities to age. Group's 8th; also my Eigth. With a total score of 182, it has one First, no Seconds and two Lasts. 

2001 is very 'claret' by now. It has all the profile of the previous tasting and has gained in maturity. It is soft, yet interestingly fresh with greenness and tannins. It is drinking fine with some nice developments but it does not gives significant St Julien typicite and is short in the finish. The score is 120. My Seventh; Group's Lasts, with 208 points, from two Seconds and six

2003 retains all the nose and palate profile of the tasting years back. It has added elegance and even more integrated regarding primary, secondary and tertiary fruit. Full of St Julien character, it would have tasted better if the mid-palate is even stronger and with a longer length. It is my First and Group's Third. Some seven Firsts, five Seconds and surprisingly one Last. The total score is 112. 

The secondary tones remain very consistent with the 2000 of the previous tasting. Mocha, dark chocolates, cassis...., the palate is woody and creamy. Full-bodied and structured(ABV, acidity, tannins). My Only criticism is a slight dash of grassiness, which may point to the variation with the particular bottle. My Second; group's Second. The score is 106, with four Firsts, four Seconds and surprisingly one Last! 

2009 gives younger dark fruit with no loss of elegance. It is mineral on the palate with fine tannins. It provides a tight finish and is very expressive of the Commune. Medium bodied. 

2010 gives pastille fruit. A modern, bigger version with rich cassis fruit, strong wood spice(still baalanced). Lots of Potential In terms of structure(robust tannins, acidity and ABV). My Fourth; Group's Fifth. The overall score is 119, with four Firsts, two Seconds and two Lasts! 

Dinner wines are 1996 Magnum, which remains elegant. 2008 gives soft and bodied drinking. Very nice. 

Bottles open 630 pm; pouring finishes 730pm; tasting starts at 8 pm. 

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