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Jorge Ordóñez Botani Sparkling Moscatel 2016

A delicate, lightly sparkling wine from Charmant method. A flowery, exotic nose characterised by grapey and perfumy aromas, also of lychee and stone fruit. Light bodied. Intense. Best with fruit, though Mooncakes are fine.

Primary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks using wild yeast. Secondary fermentation also takes place in stainless steel tanks. Ageing is Stainless Steel as well. So the wine tastes clean and uncomplicated. Mediterranean climate. Temperatures reach an average high of 86° F (30° C) in the summer and an average low of 46° F (8° C) in the winter. Rainfall is extremely scarce, only reaching a level of 400mm per year.

Ordoñez’ white wines at are made from the ‘Muscat of Alexandria’ grape variety, and sourced from the geographical area of La Axarquia, in the mountains that run parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. The Muscat(Spanish version is Miuscatel) grape has been cultivated here for over 2,000 years. The vineyards situate on a partially decomposed red slate, intermingled with white quartz. Outcroppings of the mother rock punctuate the scant topsoil. The soil makes cultivation very difficult here, and labour is very intense due to the steep, 40 to 60-degree inclines. The vineyards are non-terraced and planted over 400 meters above sea level. Mechanical work is impossible due to the crumbly slate and steep mountainsides. The thin topsoil forces the vines to develop roots deep into the rock desperately searching for moisture, which also attributes to the distinct minerality found in the grapes they produce. Ordoñez’ vineyards range from 40 years old to well over 100 years old; the average is 70.

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