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Château Roylland 2010, St Emilion Grand Cru

這款Saint-Emilion Grand Cru露出深紅寶石色。 2010年的氣味複雜,結合了野果(黑色和紅色水果)和淡淡的煙熏木。在口感上,這款葡萄酒既強勁又細膩,具有柔滑的單寧平衡。葡萄酒以極好的芳香味結束,質地極佳。

A Saint-Emilion Grand Cru that unveils with a dark and deep ruby colour, Château Roylland 2010 has a complex nose that combines wild fruit(black and red fruit) and a touch of smoke. On the palate, this gives both powerful and subtle with silky tannic balance. The wine ends with a tremendous aromatic finish with a superb texture for a bring autumn days. 

(The Chinese version adapts from the tasting notes in English; copyright reserve.)

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