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Bordeaux Vintage - a short discussion

Quite a bunch of vintages.

2018, 96 points. Warm and extreme. High Alcohol, Low acidity, ample tannins, relative lack of structure. Fruit is intense and immense. Keep. Her Langoa Barton 2018 is relatively free from the weakness described above because it tastes elegantly with excellent acidities.

2017, 92 points. Dry and irregular year. Blockage to total growth, however, they are always easy to drink and fresh, elegant and clean. To drink.

2016, 92 points. Dry, extreme, ripe fruit and tannins. Tight and lean fruit. Powerwwines.

2013, 86 points. Difficult vintage. But those who can make it get us fresh, easy wines with significant intensities. Excellent value.

2010, 99 points. Excellent vintage to keep and drink now. Ripe and abundant fruit.

2009 98 points. An excellent vintage with elegant fruit, balance and structure.


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