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Chateau Rigaud Faugères 2016

Deep ruby, tight brick-red rim. Darker black fruit and plum notes open up on the mid-palate for a wine that balances ripeness with vibrancy clear through the finish, with a violet lift, herbal scent, peppery spice and minerality holding all the way. The bottle is both elegant and warm with a touch of Pomerol(as some critics say, probably because a 100-point Pomerol winemaker made the 2016 vintage). Some complexities with six years behind. Full-bodied, with 14.5%. Not heady; not at all harsh. Decent fruit length.

Located on the schist-based soils of Faugères in the Languedoc-Roussillon, Château Rigaud is a collaboration between Claude Gros and Jean Paux-Rosset, vinified at a facility associated with Château de Negly. Old vine Syrah and Grenache form the foundation of this Rhone-style red, with bright Syrah red fruit.

THe scores are not bad: 91JD, 92DD.

Yes- it is not from Bordeaux. But why not something new and as good?

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