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Domäne Wachau Ried Loibenberg Riesling Federspiel 2020

Cool, delicately vegetal scent with very restrained yellow-fruity aromas. Delicate, bright, excellent fruit, soft yeasty tones, a hint of nuttiness, animating acidity, tart-mineral and slightly grippy on the palate, good to perfect, quite firm, tart finish with dry herb notes. There are always tones of muscat, apricot chutney, ginger flavours and spice on the finish.

92 Falstaff, who wrote, 'Light yellow-green, silver reflections. Fine yellow tropical fruit on the nose, hints of mango and blossom honey with mineral notes and tangerine zest in the background. Light-footed, white fruit, elegant acidity with a lemony-salty finish.'

Robert et al. commended the 2018 vintage that this is a great summer wine. Domäne Wachau is, as the name suggests, deeply rooted in the Wachau region. Close to 440 hectares of vineyards are cultivated by this quality-oriented cooperative's members, accounting for 30 per cent of the entire Wachau vineyard area. Domäne Wachau's vineyards are found on steep terraces reinforced by old, dry-stone walls and are part of a World Cultural Heritage. Famous names like 'Achleiten', 'Kollmitz', 'Loibenberg' and 'Tausend-Eimer-Berg' are found on the Domäne Wachau's vineyard map. It is the only winery in Wachau with wines from all of the most prestigious sites in the region.

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