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La Négly, La Natice Rosé 2020

Sexy, pale onion skin colour contrasts with some of Australia's almost syrupy Rosé versions. The spectrum nose shows raspberries(maybe strawberries), lemons(maybe grapefruit peels), apples(maybe yellow peaches), and melon(maybe bananas?). Quite a pallete.

.The palate is elegant yet intense, lean and round, refreshing and gourmet-like. This bottle reconfirms summer is just around the corner. It will be fine for dancing(with Bach's Allemande?).

Medium-bodied with an ABV of 13.5%, it has a fruit length of over 10 seconds. Some complexities. It is made from balanced portions from Cinsault, Mourvedre, Grenach, with a dash of Syrah. Scores are good enough: 91WE, 91JD, 90WS, 91DD.


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