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We choose not to taste 2013 because only 11 bottles at this cost were able to be source. Since it is so precious to us, we research only and do not taste and write about the wine for now to conserve some energy to rest well for combating

Covid 19.

2013 is a modest vintage. Most would classify the vintage 'Good'. Well, in an inflated world, Good may mean not so good. Nonetheless, for this wine 2013, Riscal uses grapes from vines over 80 years old, from their estate vineyards and bought in from associated local growers. Once the wine destined to become a Gran Reserva has been selected, following the coupage of the wines of the new vintage, it put into American oak casks where it will age for between two and a half and three years. This is followed by a further minimum of three years bottle ageing before release for sale.

Official tasting comments are Deep black-cherry colour, almost opaque. Delicate, complex nose, with aromas of black fruit and lots of spice. It is smooth and round in the mouth, with tannins which are firm, yet silky and very sweet and which envelop the whole palate. The finish is long, lingering, fresh and balanced with a hint of subtle, elegant tannins. Our experience is, this sounds French styled. Time will tell, as it designs to last, like the 15% ABV, the structure(acidity, ample tannins and alcohol level). No meaningful score has been able to be traced.

The specifications are:


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