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My break after VinItaly 2013, Verona

Caio, Montalcino! I drove 4 hours from Verona for you. I will have a difererent plan for know even more about you this time.

I will go Monte Amiata: I just wish to gain some energy from generous Mother Nature. Hopefully I can have the time to stop by the small and nice towns of Sovana, Sorano and Pittiglianco.

For tasting work, I will spare more of time in Eastern half of the Montalcino San Quirico d’Orcia, Penea, Montepulciano, Bagno Vignoni, Castelnuovo della’ Abate. Those makers will not speak much: they are veterans and there are nothing to buff about. These tastings are gonna be fast. Surely, the nearbys like Mozart, Angellini, Combini, La Maggia are almost like too convenient not to visit them.

I won’t forget you, the outlets on Via Enneo Ferrairi 5, Foiano Della Chiana!

Perfect weather! Time for my sunlass to work now.

My destinations today: Altesino, Banfi, Barbi, Caparzo, Caprili. Col d’Orcia, Mastrojanni, Poggio Antico, Siro Pacenti. And, If time allows, old friends from Biondi santi Franci-Tenuta Greppo and Constelgioncondo e Luce della Vite.

Siena and Rome-we will chat later!

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