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The Tasters


Kevin K is the Editor, a student of Business, History and Wine. A member of Royal Historical Society(UK), AIWS(UK), AWRI(AU), WWCC(Canada), HKWS(Hong Kong), he is a practising regional merchant; Full-time Wine Taster.


This blog graces by two tasting teams of honest and passionate wine lovers who share common attitudes and views about life and wine.


Team Fatloong G leads by Keith K, an ex-lifestyle magazine editor, a veteran wine columnist, full -time writer on wine as well as on the subject of Philosophy. Members are Michael S, an ex-professor in Medicine and a specialist in Champagne and Cognac. Moreover, Mai L, a student of Music and Drama.


Team Quatjin K co-ordinates by Jacquline SS, wine judge, Yoga Master and ex-model. His team includes Joanne C(a literature graduate), Stephen S(a retired insurance executive), Peter C(a retired financier), Elton L(a PhD on Artificial Intelligence), Alan C(a veteran spirit and wine merchant).


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