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Chateau Taillefer 201, Pomerol

This wine is pleasantly fruity, soft, lightish, with a kiss of toast. The tannin austerity(sic, comment from Jeannie Cho-Lee presumably during en Primeur tastings) has by now been reconciled with the fruit and wood components throughout the past years to give adequate intensity, complexity and structure in palate, with manifestations of warm tip, melted tannins, freshness, roundness, as well as lots of subtle nuances. This wine also reflects a clean and Right Bank approach (fermentation in cement tanks; malo in cement and partially new French oak; ageing 15 month in used oak), typcity +originality (75% merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc; high density 6000 vines per ha) and regality (traditions from the Moeuix family). This is a figure cruncher type of wine, yet its consistent quality is well recognized(WS90, JS90 Tim Atkins 90). We have known this wine and its second Wine Chateau Fontmarty since 1997.

Chill the wine down to 15 Celsius. We believe there is no specific requirement for decanting.

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