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Mythique Languedoc AOP Blanc 2011


"Sud de France" wines, alcohol percentage 13%, a blend of the white grape varieties grenache blanc and Marsanne, proportions not mentioned. Hardly aromatic to start with. Mildly filming, greasy in my mouth. Fruit is difficult to name. Maybe peach? You can say the nose complex. It is reasonably full. Acidity is not unusually high, but certainly, a reasonable wine if you are not after big and round fruit. There is strong licorice in the final which is by no means short. I have the impression that he has been in contact with the lees for a relatively long time or that an oxidative method has been used. This wine has been aged for 7 years! Whatever it is, I like it! It has what most connoisseurs call character!

A natural white wine to keep us adventurous for the 20 or so precious autumn days.

(The Chinese version adapts from the tasting notes in English; copyright reserved.)

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