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Bordeaux 2011

I tasted 2011 and 2012 in a roll in Hong Kong(Hong Kong Regent?). From memory, 2011 is lovely in a light, fresh style for juicy, elegant wines. 2012 is friendlier, slightly riper and fruitier.

After 10+ years, 2011 had much to live up to, and they do. Under the shadow of 2009 and 2010, which were about power and richness, the 2011s, in this case, are more on structure(Gloria, Kirwan), brightness(Lagrange) and perfume(d'Issan, Pape Clement). Indeed, 2011 is attractive earlier than its older counterparts and is of excellent value. Compared to the 2012s, 2011s are silkier. Unfortunately, even though the character of the vintage allowed for these more accessible wines they should, some producers opted instead for more power than finesse, a mistake in this problematic vintage.


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