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Reviewing 'A TOUCH OF SPICE' 1: the moral

The Moral

A TOUCH OF SPICE is a nostalgic bitter-sweet comedy about self-awareness, people leaving their homeland, personal conflict, but, most importantly, shows us how cooking can give all of us valuable lessons about love and life itself.

From a philosophical point of view, A TOUCH OF SPICE illuminates on the political, social and cultural meaning of a society through the use of food, albeit in a poetic and lyrical manner. While food is main theme for the film, spice as the most ingredient to the food in the country in discussion forms really the string leading to various discussions of life.

The film tells with success that food is really central to all societies. It does find great relevance to all societies; include that of the Hong Kong, as well. Using the familiar device of cuisine as a metaphor for national identity and personal feelings, bitter-sweetjourney about a man torn between his ethnicity (Greek) and the country of his birth (Turkey) makes its points lightly and given its universal émigré message and considerable exotic attraction.

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