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Champagne Moet Imperial Brut NV


Criticisms again Moet Imperial are mostly on price. What about quality? As a veteran merchant, I believe the skillful blending of the trio Pinot Noir(30 to 40%), Pinot Meunier(30 to 40%) and Chardonnay(20 to 30%) at 9% dosage strikes the right balance, maximizes the strength(and hides the weaknes)of the the single grape varietals. About right, I would say, even for some of the most discerning palates. Among so many MN Champagnes, I cannot see who could excel much from the blending angle. The Moet taste has been too classic to tell: intensity of green apple and citrus fruit, freshness of mineral nuances and white flowers, the elegance of blond notes (slight brioche, cereal, fresh nuts). Probably we could have written too little about the palate of Moet, as by that time when one is already 'intoxicated' by the the lovely sight of the tight, beady, swirling bubbles, as well as the nose so familiar to rest oneself, the palatable limelights of the delicious sumptuousness of white-fleshed fruits (pear, peach, apple), the alluring caress of fine bubbles, the soft vivacity of citrus fruit and nuances of gooseberry could have been stolen in the festivity of the conversations. Les grandes marques françaises! Oui! A nurturer of smaller brands, I still have great respect for the Moet taste- a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity-a sure thing for us to be at ease. Bon.

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