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Le Bon Pasteur 1993 Pomerol

Le Bon Pasteur 1993 is a medium-bright ruby wine with an aromatic, floral aroma of cherry liqueur, blueberry, blackcurrant, and fine oak. It is a deep, supple wine blending lush Merlot and fragrant Franc fruit. The palate provides a fresh, juicy, mineral, dynamic, and intense experience, leading to a finish of truffle, mocha, undergrowth, chocolate, and sweet spice. With an ABV of 13.5%, this wine is quite spicy, with lifted acidity. Its lovely gentle extraction, well-fixed fruit, and reasonably long body make it a delightful choice. The wine's mid-palate stuffing nicely supports the suave tannins. Le Bon Pasteur 1993 is attractive when young and ageing gracefully, offering excellent value.

HKWS hosted a vertical wine tasting of selected vintages from Le Bon Pasteur three years ago, from 1990 to 2007. Although the 1993 did not stand out, it had been working well enough.

Michel Rolland left his mark on Château Bon Pasteur, a 15-hectare property in the quaint village of Maillet in Pomerol, completing his winemaking vision. His recipe involved harvesting grapes at their peak maturity, controlled maturing, and minimal yields. 2013, the castle was sold to a Hong Kong consortium, but Michel Rolland's influence continues to be felt in the vinification process.

The Pomerol appellation encompasses a multitude of micro-terroirs. Unlike the great châteaux of the Médoc, the vineyard is not in a single block but spread out over 21 plots. This patchwork of terroirs accounts for the wine's considerable complexity, deep colour, delicate bouquet, and softness typical of Pomerol and a generous, powerful side reminiscent of Saint-Emilion.

Scores are mediocre. JM Quarin gave an 85; WS an 87. 1993 was a 91-pointer for us, and it is still considered a great value.


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