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Chateau Grand Pique Caillou 2008, AC Bordeaux

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Tones of bubble-gums seem to add to fruit freshness. One Wrinkle: cheap nose. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes’ dissipation of reductive element and alcohol(ABV 12.5%), get a vivid-red fruited wine, then allow the wine 30 minutes in glass to harvest nuances of black and red berries, raspberries, bell pepper, raisins. Many of the aromas continue in the flavours with additional notes of ultra-ripe strawberries. Ample tannins; smooth finish; round, delicate, lively and easy to enjoy with accepted structure. A value and special Bordeaux with fruity, earthy and subtle spicy aromas overall. Composition: 40% Merlot; 60% Cabernet(!!). Super value. DD88.

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