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Lascombes 2014 revisited.

The 2014 Lascombes is a powerful and modern Margaux wine with an aromatically rich, unique blend of dark fruit, leather, bittersweet chocolate, smoke, liquorice, balsamic, and French oak flavours harmoniously meld together in the glass. The nose is cleanly powerful, while the finish is round. This wine promises a bold, intense experience that intrigues and excites—swirling the wine to more. So you have something to announce each swirl, during which you will find it interesting. 2015 is riper and rounder; 2016 is more accessible and almost ready. 

The 2014 Lascombes has not just received praise, but high praise from renowned wine critic James Suckling, who awarded it an impressive 93 points. He describes it as having blueberries, wet earth, and dried flowers, with a whole body, solid core fruit, and a long and juicy finish. This high rating and positive review from a trusted source should instill confidence in the wine's quality and investment potential, making it an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts and investors.

The 2014 Lascombes has been awarded 93 points by Wine Enthusiast, a testament to the winery's significant improvement from its past years of over-making. The wine is now full of black fruits and rich tannins, with a projected ageing potential of another 10+ years with bright fruit. This transformation in the winery's approach and the wine's quality make it a secure and optimistic investment for wine enthusiasts, ensuring a promising future for the 2014 Lascombes. 

Wine Spectator describes the 2014 Lascombes as having a core of lightly steeped plum, blackberry, and anise notes with a roasted juniper hint framing it. It delivers a fleshy drive through the finish while maintaining a supple, elegant feel overall. Lascombes, one of the largest estates in Margaux, is now performing well. With this vintage, the heavy over-making of past years has been replaced with a wine full of black fruits as much as rich tannins. There is concentration and, importantly, good ageing potential, ensuring a secure investment for wine enthusiasts. 


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