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Thanks Competition (Chistmas wine set 1)

Christmas set - 3.jpg

There really is nothing like ‘cheapest’ wine; we only have cheaper wines. But I confess this is the cheapest sets (of 6 reds of 2 each, with 3 free bottles of excellent sparkling) we set have for Christmas parties, like $888 for 15 bottles?

They are not bad at all. Baron Francois, Bordeaux 2011 gives simple red fruit and is Classial Bordeaux in terms of tannins, acidity and alcohol level. with majority merlot, Ch Bellevue, Bergerac 2009 is fuller with tannins, Defintely a choice with continental dished. Domanial Des Fontaines, Vin de Pays 2011 and French Country, Vin de Pays 2012 and Vieux Champ(using better merlot from Cost de Castillon though), are like thirst and alcohol quenchers and are design to drink light with almost no tannins-definitely a cvrowd pleaser with almost no tannins. Justice will not have been done if I do not mention the fact that Vieux Champ is using better merlot grapes from Cotes de Castillon. Ch Levant de I'Aiguilhe, Bordeaux 2008 developed some bottle ageing. Tasters will be returning to classic Bordeaux reds with more tertiary tones. The best is probably the freebies Loanda Grande Reserve Methode Traditionnelle Blanc de Blancs Brut, VDP, which really tasted like champagne for the tight bubbles and nice acidities.

Thanks, Competition.

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