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Le Clos Margalaine 2007, Margaux


Le Clos Margalaine is none other than the second wine of Chateau Marojallia, which has been coined the first Garage Wine in Bordeaux, in the garage of Roger Rex, with the help of husband-wife team of Chateau Valandraud) for Margaux, in Latin. The proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon is a bit lower than in the first wine, with 64% of this grape and 36% Merlot, in from 4 acres of beautiful land of deep bass. The assembly of this wine with a higher composition of Merlot, offers great finesse and elegance. That was exactly how we thought over a light Chinese hotpot just with fine, sliced beef last night. Dark fruited, with lots of perfume, complex oak tones, the taste is clean and structured, it is a born Margaux, and is fine and fragrant. Don’t understate this second wine.

Quality assurances? First, quality vitivultural and vinification support from Chateau Valandraud. Second, rarity- only 1 000 cases each year, including this 2007. Third, high cost-performance as nothing has been spent on soliciting scores. It was awarded accolades of Gold medal in the competition of Bordeaux in 2007, 2005 and 2001, when he was crowned gold in the Competition General Agricole in Paris. Really in the case of Clos Margalaine, who need s WA, WS, JS, or really any scores?

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