New Year, New Wines.


New year everybody. Say goodbye to year 2014 and get ready for 2015. In 2015, we will try our best improve on everything that we are providing: better wines with even higher cost performance; more choices; even better service; even more accurate tasting notesto help yur purchase decisions. We will try our best to deliver these, so stay tuned.

And, if you may wish to do some ‘hunting’ for this first month of 2015, please note on the updated,

  • Exceptional prices on Big Format First and Second Growths with excellent provenance(current stock kept at Crown)

  • New trade items arrived January 2015

  • 4 Bordeaux best values with 90-plus score on promotion: Chateau Ste. Gemme 2010, Haut Medoc(DD90), Chateau Le Doyenne 2009, Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux(DD90, RP88 ),Les Allees de Cantermerle 2009, Second Wine(JS92) Chateau Lamothe Bergeron 2009, Haut Medoc(RP91, MN91, Falstaff 92; DD92)

  • 35 styles of Bordeaux mid range of older vintage just arrived.

  • 2 daily wine packages of extreme value for parties

Full tasting documented on blog site and Facebook. Please check and their links.

Bon Voyage!

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