Chapelle Vieux Champs 2007 Montage St. Emilion

On the eastern side of the Gironde River grown the two main grapes over generations has formed the basis for red wines from Montagne Saint-Emilion, namely Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Grape composition in the finished wine consists mainly of Merlot with a grant of Cabernet Franc, which thrive in the area's gravel and clayey soils.

Smell and taste exhibits complex aromas of red cherries with a slightly dark fruit, tobacco, cedar and licorice. The taste is light-bodied with balanced tannins that invite to a classic stegeret where the sauce should not dominate. Low temperature fermentation in SS; oak ageing in used French Oak for 18 months. The wine should be served at about 17 degrees, but we recommend chilling red wines 15℃ (59℉)and putting it into the fridge 15 min through full decanting to attain 17 degrees. A Wood Case containing 12 bottles - 75 cl. 12.5% ​​alcohol.


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