White Wines for Summer 2015: Part 1

Beach Banquet

  1. Bullloak 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, Victoria, Australia.Classic Sauvignon Blanc colour and tones. Ripe passion fruit, slightly candied though. Tight citrus palate with edging acidities. Medium finish. 4-square. Marborough SB expressed a la style cool Victoria. 12.5%. DD86.

  2. Foundstone Unoaked Chardonnay 2012, South Australia, Australia. . Mature and ripe tropical and stone fruit. Simple finish with candied fruitiness. Definitely Easy to drink. 12.5%. DD79.

  3. Block 88 Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand. Classic terrior and varietal expressions. Clean passion and citrus fruits, and is very floral. Good acidities. A safe choice. 12.5%. DD84.

  4. Tolentino Winemaker’s selection 2011, Pinot Giorgio, Mendoza Argentina. Complexities nurtured by some bottle ageing: oxidative, nutty and rustic. Classic nose: ripe applely tones, oily, savory and spicy finish. Excellent aperitif for some. 13.5%. DD85.

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  1. Alma Mora Sauvignon Blanc Sauvingon Blanc 2013, Mendoza, Argentina. Host of dry and stewed fruits: ginger candies, stewed fruit skins, mango skins, dry pineapples, durians, white sugars. Medicinal and herbal tone lurking-showing qutie some character. On palate, fine spices. Almost a sweetish wine with wintry tones in a slightly oxidative style. Stomach-filling. We strongly feel that these represent some admirable efforts in showing makers’ way of seeing their vision of Sauvignon Blanc. A peculiar wine beyond the definition of varietal character and terroir. If you are strictly for stylistic accord please don’t waste time on this wine: this wine is for the bold and inquisitive. She does not come you to; you go to her. 13.5%. DD88.

  2. Intis Chardonnay Chenin 2014, San Juan-Cuyo, Argentina. Simple stone fruit (peach and apples) mingled with slight meaty tones. Grassy. Rich in palate with slight minerality. Food wine. Easy to drink. Chenin did contribute to boarder spectrum of tastes.13.5%. DD84.

  3. Lamos del Valle 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanc, San Antonio, Chile. Very intense fruit(Ripe gooseberry and stone), despite some bottle ageing. Structured: minerals, acidities and texture. Bodied, a food wine with strong, spicy mid-palate. Quite heavy. 13.5%. DD82.

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  1. Santa Alicia 2014, Riserva Chardonnay, Chile. A bolder version with typical terroir and varietal characteristics. Slightly high alcohol, ripe tropical fruit, slight wood spicy, creamy finish. Teams thought this wine a 4-square commercial, oaked Chardonnay from Chile. Very simple. . 13.5%. DD83.

  2. Adelberg-Kellerei Rheinhessen Riesling Semi Sweet 2013. Not overly complex but nice apricot, honey and ripe peach. Some heft in the mouth with a bit of tongue coating. Good dessert drinks in the summer. 10%. DD79.

  3. Weinhaus Kessler 2014 Vintage Select, Kabinet, Germany. Lovely medieval blue bottle. Lots of white flowers, candied peach and citruses, reflecting strong Rieslings varietal character the riper version. Great spicy finish. Off-dry and almost sweetish. Very simple. 10.5%. DD80.

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  1. Galassi Pignolette Cuvee Brut NV. Lively green applys and citrus tones. Great bubble mouthfeel, edging acidities and minerals. Long and persistent finish. Very well made. Great! ABV11.5%. DD90.

  2. Brise de France NV is an aromatic and elegant sparkling white wine from Languedoc, France. This wine is blend of the Colombard, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semilion and Chasan grapes, and so has got some compelxities. Of bright and limpid color, this sparkling gives notes of citrus fruits and green apples. Nice acidities. Bursty bubbles, which die down quite fast though. More an energetic sparkling with white wine personality. Alc/Vol: 11,5%.DD85.

  3. Duchessa Lia Moscato D'Asti DOCG Spumante Dolce. Intense stone fruit (peaches) and citrus characters mingled with rose and rose petals. Light bubble style sweetish finish. Best with light cheese, walnuts, Dry figs and roasted red peppers. Abv 10.5%. DD84.

  4. Chateau Gravaillias 2010, Graves, Bordeaux is a food wine. Strong mid palate followed by linear acidities and vivid citrus fruits. Great mineralities. Light, lean but and long. High drinkability. ABV 12.5%. DD87.

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