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Chateau Haut Brisson 2005, Grand Cru St. Emilion

Chateau Haut Brisson 2005, Grand Cru St. Emilion. A traditional St. Emilion Grand Cru frm a great vintage with classic taste and nose.

Patches of soil around the famous Chateau Monbuquet points to the importance of balancing in time viticultural practice as well as precise vinification. The warm vintage 2005 requires exceptional skills to keep alcohol down, the flesh fresh, the fruit aromatic, the tannins ample and soft, the skeleton strong, resulting in a very drinkable wine with ageing potential. By now, the nose, still quite wood-laced, reveals animal and fruit notes on swirling. The palate is supple and delicious; the merlot is nicely ripe and the tannins quite strong.Quite pretty and still youngish.

Cellar-checker awarded 90 points. It would seem that the current vintages have been awarded RP and JS 93 to 95, which points to the determination of the makers to unleash the peculiar charm of the terroir.

In the Haut Brisson website, I still can see the work of the contributors Sandrine, Charles, Micheal and Jerome from artisan St. Emilion. Regardless of the ‘Strong Nation’ connection, promotion is classic, wise, and aims to keep the Haut Brisson name staying for good.

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