2012 Giaconda, Estate Vineyard Chardonnay, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

images Giaconda.jpg

Matthew Juke's tasting on this one is superb. 'A true tour de force, the cortège of flavours roll across the palate respectfully firing up every neurone with rapture. The monumentality of this wine is easy to comprehend. Visceral and spectral this is a wine that has the weight and temporal control of a mighty red and it leaves you juddering as the shock waves subside.'

Lots of newbies said they got the same 'Points', 'Stars', acollades of commendations at a fraction of the price of Giaconda. Let them bluff. Let them fly. But on AB comparision with 2012 Giaconda, they can't even come close.


Official tasting notes is interesting: http://www.giaconda.com.au/our-wines

James Halliday writes well: http://www.negociants.com/library/NUSA%20Halliday%20Review%20ST%202015%20NI041%20indd-imp_Part6.pdf

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