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Domaine du Clos de Sixte 2012, Lirac Rouge, Alain Jaume et Fils

Liracs, both whites and reds, always left me impressions of richness, purity, big fruits and body. On the right bank of the Southern Rhône, Lirac shares many similarities to both neighboring crus Tavel and Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Alain Jaume's terraced vineyards of alluvial soil and galets roulés mirror Châteauneuf’s terraces right across the river. Maximum sun exposure(East and South; North of the River) and ripeness like that of Tavel must be tempered, and that is where both nature and Alain Jaume et Fils’ artistry comes into play.

WA92 is not a score that is of nothing. What we are sure is: the bit-size Chargrilled Steak(a humble one from Quarry Bay Aeon) and bits of spicy sausage(from a specialist supplier) we are now have having are matching seamlessly with this deep red berry flavoured Alain Jaume et Fils Domaine du Clos de Sixte 2012, leaving us with lifted aromas of leather and spice dominate this elegant and voluptuously smooth full-bodied touch.

A specialist for almost all appelations(where they got their wineries covered), AlainJaume’s Domaine dy Clos de Sixte terraces benefit from the persistent mistral, whose regular gusts purify the vines of parasites and mildew throughout the entire year. The galets roulés in the soil provide good drainage and insulation, preventing the roots from getting too hot or too cold at any given time.

A pity we only have less than 2 cases on hand.

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