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D’Arenberg Laughing Magpie 2009, McLaren Vale, South Australia

Wine Maker Chester Osbourne’s own tasting below best summarized the original state of the wine. Looks like bottle ageing for 5 years would have rendered this wine even more balanced expression in the nose and palate character from dark fruit, floral tones from co-fermented Viognier(lifted liveliness too), expresso and meat tones. Definitely a classic McLaren vale Shiraz with some elegance and is a very very good food wine of great cost performance. Check the full tasting from winemaker and team:

Chester’s team go at nurturing a larger canopy to shade the vines in that hotter site, so as to balance the ripeness with acidity and to contain the alcohol below 14.5, which is, however, not evident at all during our 1-hour tasting. Tasting Team Quatjin K believes the Canada’s Global and Mail wrote updated well on the current taste of this wine:

Magpies are in white on black, which reflects the colour of the practice of Norther Rhone co-fermentation with white grape (the Viognier) and mid-night blue tones of Shiraz(the Shiraz). According to Chester Osbourne, there exist Magpies around the vineyard and their humorous 'laughs' are well-liked by the family.

A must buy for clients who are on a lower budget, shopping for a dark, bigger, fruitier wine with Northern Rhone touch , and is soft and easy to drink. Yes, that’s the one. RP91, and accolades of Golds from all the prestigeous shows and magazines.

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