Le Petit Lion du Marquis de Las Cases 2011, st. Julien

'Le Petit Lion du Marquis de Las Cases' is the true 'second wine' of Chateau Leoville-Las Cases. ('Clos du Marquis' is technically a

rather than 'second wine'.) Marketing re-positioning may be. But fair enough, pricing level Clos du Marquis being a super 'second wine' is going up to the level of cru and won't be appropiate to compare with second wines of the same class. Le Petit Lion is the product from serveral uprooted and replanted vineyard plots in the Clos LÉOVILLE LAS CASES. Young vines give fruit; older vines gives intensity. Combination of both contributes partly to what we called ‘balance’. So The Petit Lion shares the philosophy of its two elder siblings; it is vinifi ed and aged in order to preserve its fresh, ripe fruit fl avour throughout its life. However, it is designed as a second wine, and is therefore made to be more accessible and for earlier drinking, with a significant proportion of Merlot(57% ) used in the blend. Structure is maintained(37% Cabernet), with a pinch(5%) of Cabernet Franc. Very consistent and stable scores. Almost all international critics unanimously say that the wine is good enough.RP88, JS91, Tim Atkins91, WS91.

Tasting Team Fatloong G thought wine has juicy dark berry fruit with copious amounts of ripe tannins. Forward fruit. The aromatics ranged from plums, blackberries, cedar, tobacco. Team thought the wine is ready to drink now though and imagined that leading critics might have not re-tasted and re-wrote the tasting notes since En Primeur so world comments about the wine is more‘ austere and tannic’. Official website of Le Petit Lion also says the wine could reward patience. More structured than its 2012 vintage, Le Petit Lion du Marquis de Las Cases is classically St. Julien, and is very ready to drink now.

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