2010 Chateau Rauzan-Gassies, Second Growth, Margaux

Wines from Rauzan-Gassies can be clearly distinguished from its Chanel-owned neighbor, Rauzan-Segla. The tasting experience with Rauzan- Gassies’s older vintages convinced that its wine always has more body, substance, and a more robust constitution, resulting in less finesse. Sometimes a certain earthy flavor can be detected (for example, WS described 2010 Rauzan Gassies as ‘barnyard’) which can surprise the taster with its ‘violence’, which disappears in its early youth and changes into lively, powerful aroma. Rauzan-Gassies has a strong personality which cannot leave good tasters like you indifferent. But in a world of homogeneity and dearth of individuality, that Rauzan-Gassies peculiarity and originality, in Team’s view, manifests its strength and rarity, rather than the weakness.

Throughout the past years, Rauzan-Gassies’ composition has significantly move towards more Cabernet(85% cabernet sauvignon, 13% merlot and 2% petit verdot). In the wake of modernity when consumers are talking about fruit and power, Rauzan-Gassies’ modern vintages no longer disappoint. The 2010 Rauzan Gassies is powerful, fruity, dense, lush, ripe dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon’s fresh, black currant flavor. Still with a bit of funk and barnyard to start with, this quickly becomes a passing phase before the alluring spice and black tea notes leading the way for a rich core of crushed plum and boysenberry fruit. The finish is long and supple. Patience will be rewarded, it is, as rightly put by Parker, ‘actually approachable in spite of its size, richness and density’.

Stylistics-wise, Rauzan-Gassies remained artisan: no ‘Chanel’ support, no high-flyers’ commercial help, no Latour-linked type of personality like that of John Kolasa. But If you are not to drink another Margaux Cru, don’t miss this 2010 Rauzan-Gassies, one Super Second from Margaux as good as Rausan- Segla, Lascombes and Brane.

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