Champagn Charles du Roy Brut NV

How could we make a place for Champagne Charles du Roy Brut? With no romantic story, and no VCP or Churchill thing, what lures Team write about this little Champagne by the name Charles du Roy Brut NV? In Taste we trust, we believe the best part of Champagne Charles du Roy Brut NV is the small, powerful and persistent bubbles which give lots of textural excitement in the palate.

Champagne Charles du Roy NV is lightish. However, The base wine is pure; this Champagne is delicate and subtle. It gives a few dry floral and fruit(apricots); it also provides wild forest blackcurrant notes. There are a few red wine flavours, bringing authentic wild red fruits aromas.Of course, this is a decent RM at super-value. Vivino says average; the per-bottle price is $314. The local market says its ranged between $210 and $385. Its bubbles recall the Tobiko on top the sushi.

It lacks the creaminess of Bollinger, the fruitiness of VCP, the familiarity of Moet, the structure of Jacquart, the palate is very fresh, crispy, chalky and is very ‘Reims’. And that small joy, that little surprise, from this Artisan Champagne make our day.

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