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Chateau Ludon Pomies Agassac 1995

Chateau Ludon Pomies Agassac is a second wine of Fifth Growth Chateau La Lagune. The 1995 vintage was one of the driest and hottest that the Bordeaux vineyard has ever known until today with 2003.

Wine of the success we know from these two harvests: exceptional. As Parker notes in its report on the vintage 95, the production quality was splendid: "Excellent, even extraordinary vintage ... with red wines of the highest level in all the appellations. "R.Parker.

This classic Haut Médoc Château Ludon Pomies Agassac 1995showed dark-ruby color and coppery tones at the rim, has a range of aromas dominated by complex aromas mingling fresh and fruity with tertiary aromas. The black fruits are the first to prove, followed by a spicy touch, then come the notes of underbrush, smoked. In the mouth it has a good balance with tannins melted property. It will benefit from being decanted just before being sampled, allowing it to be full.

If La Lagune was classified by Parker among the best wines of 1995, its second wine so took full advantage of the exceptional weather conditions Cabernets and Merlots with a perfect maturity.

The Château Ludon Pomies Agassac 1995 is the chance to pick up a few bottles of this great vintage become rare, came with a wine in its period of full expression and prices remained very wise! Very rare vintage by now!!!

Honestly, the wine is a little tired, but the tertiary tones will remain the old tasted of a lot of old clarets.

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