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2003 Grant Burge Meshach Shiraz, Barossa Valley

The 2003 Grant Burge Meshach Shiraz is a classic and charming wine, big, structured and well-balanced. Colour and nose bold with very intense nose (black, stewed fruit, coffee) and aromas (white pepper, mint and earthy characters with rich plums and hints of sage and thyme). On palate layers of concentrated berry fruit with stewed plums, Christmas cake and mocha nestled amongst the complex oak and a hint of leather.

That taste and palate classism is not the reasons for Team 's commendation. Team recommends this wine Team because the 2003 Grant Burge Meshach Shiraz alludes to an older style of Australian Shiraz, which is getting very rare these days. This wine has started to be in its best from now on to its second decade. After one hour or so, the wine in “in your face” flavours and characters of the incredibly concentrated fruit from the old vines have softened. The wine becomes a bit lighter in body and develops complex savoury aromas and characters. Still balancing the sweetness of the 100 years old vine fruit without diminishing its vibrancy, it would seem to Team that the wine makes a bold return to it sroot-that of the soil-to consummate a full appreciation of the true definitely of ‘Terroir’. And, the fruit is always there.

Released after only three years of bottle age! Made from near 100 year old vines from the acclaimed Filsell vineyard in the Barossa Valley! Aged for 22 months in American oak and French oak – 70 per cent new! 2003 Meshach Shiraz is 20% down on quantity and even more time thus spent’ on chiseling this wine. The money spent well-worth every cent.

The 2003 Grant Burge Meshach Shiraz more than a big wine: it’s also an elegant, beautifully structured wine that is designed to be aged and enjoyed with steaks.


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