Chateau Pontet Canet 2007

Team’s positive view of Pontet Canet 2007 was formed through an impressive vertical tasting on Chateau Pontet Canet conducted by Alfred Tesseron at the Hong Kong KCC Wine Society years back, in which vintages from 2000 to 2009 were tasted in a roll. Team was of the view that the blockbuster style of Chateau Pontet Canet throughout the vertical vintages really benefitted this lighter 2007 vintage, in showing off the fruitiness through its not-too-Pauillac and ‘Burgundian’ nature, because the palates was thus relaxed enough to appreciate 2007’s good balance, minerality and expressiveness.

Chateau Pontet Canet 2007 had always been viewed favourably by wine critics, wine bloggers and wine merchants. It was awarded high scores consistently. Take for example, WA94 and WE94. Really this lighter vintage of 2007was awarded the same score (93/100) to stellar vintages of 2005 and 2000 by Wine Anorak Huges Lapauw even imaginatively compared this relatively humble Fifth Growth Pontet Canet 2007 to the ‘Super Second’ Pichon Lalande 2004 on U-tube (watch also

With years of ageing in bottle, Pontet Canet 2007 has been rounded up: the ‘sappiness’ (Stephen Tanzers) and ‘sandpaper quality’ (Jancis Robinson on its tannins of vintage 2007) were gone by now, and has gained adequate level of complexity and considerable length.

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