Chateau St Valentin 2011, Grand Cru St Emilion

From a classic vintage Chateau St. Valentine 2011 shows charming deep purple robe and give fine nose with simple, mixed, berry fruits with slightly smoky tones. Aeration in glass for some minutes brings even more fruit intensity. Reflecting the nose, palate is supple.

Situated in the North West of Saint Emilion at the border of Pomerol, it does have lushness. Soil type is mostly clayey, chalk and harvest is by hand, hence softer. Grape composition is 63 % Merlot noir 34% Cabernet Franc, 4% cabernet sauvignon, hence some complexities on development. It is intense by nature as the vines are over 30 years old. Production is only 1200 cases, hence rarity. Vinification is traditional, vatting time 20/25 days, maturity in tank and aging in barrels 18 to 20 months, hence always wood tones on nose as on palate.

In the spirit of St. Valentine who died for a simple yet important cause, Chateau St Valentine 2011 scorns scores, big styles, sheer power and strength(and probably defies Emperor Claudius), it is, as if it is made in love, not quite complicated enough as it is. Indeed it doesn’t have to, as long as it is made tasty and to style. On these spirited Valentine days, Team, almost laying its life upon the line for what they believe in, in Chateau St. Valentine 2011, would vote for buying this particular wine bearing the St. Valentine name. No more candies, chocolates, flowers and hearts.

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