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Louis Latour Corton Grand Cru 2006

Corton represents tremendous value, and a Louis Latour Corton Grand Cru 2006 priced like this is almost a give-away.

Team thinks this is an excellent value Grand Cru from the Corton Hill of Cote de Beaune. This was a lighter bodied wine, but fairly expressive and definitely developed depth and complexity over an hour. The nose has cherry tones up front with dried spices, and underbrush, light earth notes and the some raspberry on the back end. The palate is light-medium bodied, tart cherry+tart raspberry, sous bois, a little dried earthiness on the end. This is showing well.

Cost performance aside, this Corton Grand Cru label and its stardust will give you lots of 'face' as well, if you bring this friend out for a dinner with friends. Yes we are so vain. All of us need a Grand Cru wine and its label for dinners sometimes.

It’s a good enough wine, but as responsible tasters and professionals we need to handle our own expectations.

  1. It is a Beaune (softer, less structure compared to d’Or Cru)

  2. It is a Grand Cru, albeit a ‘second division’(and not from the top-top Corton Charlemagne, Les Bressandes and Les Pougets).

  3. The top quality one from Louis Latour is not this one, but Romaneee- St. Vivant and the Chambertin.

  4. The fruit are sourced from the of Marl-based soil with a limestone base from mix of Grand Cru patches including Les Brassards, Les Chaume, Les Pougets, Les Perrières and Les Grèves and so is a diffused in stylistics.

  5. Louis Latour is a negoce. It uses high temperature fermentation and pasterization, so higher alcohol at 14% even for a greener vintage and may be too clean. Keep calm-let the alcohol work a little before drinking it.

  6. This One can stand 5 more years, even though it may not improve much in bottle.

Having said that Team members are enjoying this wine much and are consuming the wine at 2+ glasses over 2 hours, a very high consumption rate for us!

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