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Re-tasting Urban ECO 2013

When does One plus One equal Three? Never? May be numbers don't truly exit. Or we don't know math. Or it is just our imagination. Yet the bringing together of Malbec and Tempranillo works like a charm here. There's a touch of complexity to the fruit forward nose. Sweet smooth raspberry and plum(from tempranilllo mostly) flavours round out a tasty, balance finish. Uncharacteristic of a Malbec, Team is very happy with this wine though. Loads of clean, fresh fruit. Nice acidities; intense coloured; fine tannins. Nice balance.

To facilitatebest drinking experience, the best bet is to decant this wine for to surface the fruit and soften further the impact of ABV. It will be the modern, urban drink- fruity, friendly, easy with adequate complexity and intensity, that will give nice surprises.

At ABV14.5%, you don’t feel first instances though even with no decanting. On palate, smooth and elegant and powerful. The additionla year of ageing soften this wine-medium bodied, longer taste, more complexities with no less intensity. There is still a very nice mix of dark dried fruits and Provencal herbs like rosemary and thyme. Spicy; earthy; velvety finish. Keep drinker for 2 hours and is a harmonious everyday drinking wine and will work wonder for BBQ.

Really we should not be spilling too much ink on this wine with such a low price tag with a RP90? ?

Bodega y Viñedos O. Fournier´s mission is to become one of the most outstanding high-quality group of wineries. It aims to achieve this goal using the competitive advantages the vineyards and the weather offer as well as the enabling technology and the relevant local and international wine-making knowledge. The vines are grown 1000 to 1400 metres altitude. Really this wine is from the highest part of Mendoza.

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